Sarah walks a beautiful path between two worlds: one focused on the empowerment and support of women, the other working with our four-legged family pets.

Drawing from her education and own healing experience, Sarah uses a combination of Reiki, Mediumship, and her potent Psychic Gifts to help women uncover their Inner-Warrior.

A typical session with Sarah includes support, compassion, and, most importantly, toolkit building for her clients. Her playful nature allows her clients to feel at ease, while knowing they have a partner on their healing journey.

Our pets, often our unspoken healers, play a huge role in our day-to-day lives. Sarah has made it a mission to enrich these unsung heroes lives by utilizing the calming, gentle, and healing energies of Reiki to help reduce anxiety, trauma, or even ease the aches and pains of our four-legged friends.

By working with Sarah, you are enlisting a powerful energetic-ally who is ready to work with you to get you where you want, and deserve, to be.