woman performing reiki on a dog | Hands On Heart Empath Support | Sarah | Janzen

Pet Reiki with Sarah Janzen

Animals give us everything—their unconditional love, emotions, loyalty, and 100% of their energy. But like people, their healthy energy can become depleted or blocked due to emotional imbalance, trauma, illness, or life stressors.

When animals face energetic imbalances, they show emotional, physical, and behavioral issues.

Reiki, a Japanese system of energy healing, restores their energetic balance, enabling deep healing. This practice reduces emotional issues, decreases physical pain, and resolves behavioral problems, leading to happier, safer, and more focused pets who connect better with their families.

Pet Reiki with Sarah Janzen addresses:

    • Anxiety and/or grief
    • Behavioral issues such as excessive barking or fearful reactions
    • Arthritis or joint pain
    • Recovery from injury or surgery
    • Relationships between animals and their people
    • Issues from past traumas
    • And much more…

As a Reiki Master and experienced dog trainer, Sarah specializes in animal healing. She works with pets at Fairy Tails Dog Daycare in Burnaby and provides ongoing Reiki services at The AAC National Dog Agility Competitions. She is honoured to work with your pets, and is constantly awed by the amazing relationship between Reiki and animals.

Book a Pet Reiki session with Sarah and witness the profound connection and healing Reiki brings to your beloved animals!

woman performing reiki on a dog | Hands On Heart Empath Support | Sarah | Janzen

To book a Pet Reiki session with Sarah, please call for a consultation at 778-808-3085. She has a series of questions to ask to ensure the best possible care for your beloved pet.

This initial consultation helps tailor the session to meet your pet’s specific needs and ensures a comfortable and effective healing experience. Contact Sarah today to start the journey towards your pet’s energetic balance and well-being!