Empaths sometimes struggle with daily life. They pick up on negative emotions from other people and actually absorb those feelings onto themselves. They feel what others are feeling in such an intense way that they struggle to live a normal, everyday life. Empaths may not even be able to distinguish which emotions are their own and which belong to someone else. As Women and caretakers, we may struggle even more with these issues.

Most people think empaths have a wonderful gift. While being empathic and sensitive is an asset, it comes at a great cost. They are often misunderstood and labeled as lazy or needy. Empaths may suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, professional burnout, and physical pain due to their gift.

To survive and thrive as a empath, we need some simple daily techniques to protect and clear our energy systems. If we do not learn to protect and clear other people’s energy from our bodies, we often get sick or completely drained and cannot function.

Have you ever noticed how much better people feel when they have come to you with their problems? They walk away feeling resolved and refreshed. While you feel drained and low.

This class teaches Empathic women techniques to ensure they do not hold onto people’s energy and teaches techniques so that we may be able to greet each day protected and energized and able to meet the relationships we hold so dear.

Energetic techniques such as Reiki and Pranic healing are our guides and teachers for this evening.

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