Psychic Reiki is a form of Reiki in which you work with your empathetic and psychic abilities to resolve energetic emotional issues.

This class teaches you to use your natural psychic abilities. As a Reiki practitioner, you are already receiving information and guidance during your sessions. Psychic Reiki teaches you to use that guidance for a deeper emotional healing session.

Haven’t accessed your psychic or empathic abilities? This is a great place to start! No psychic experience needed!

Topics include:

• Energetically setting up your space

• Psychic Protection for your client and yourself

• Determining your empathic abilities and your own type of psychic skills

• Working with higher beings

• Getting psychic messages during a session

• Opening emotional communication with your client

• Cutting psychic and energetic cords

• Speaking to energy

• Changing energy

• Helping your client move forward from past issues

• Bringing your client into the healing process

If you are looking to facilitate deeper emotional work with your clients, Psychic Reiki will send you on that path. I absolutely adore this system as it requires a more intimate and open relationship with your client as you work together to solve issues from trauma, childhood and energetic blocks. This Reiki requires more participation and commitment from your client. It attracts people who are ready to commit to emotional change and are ready to put in the work!

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