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Milena Vela Canta
Milena Vela Canta
00:20 13 Jul 23
Sarah is a powerful medicine woman. I’ve had the priveledge of receiving Reiki from her the last few months and the shifts it’s brought to my life are immeasurable. Sarah has held safe space for me and guided me to connect deeper with my heart. Her facilitation is accurate, gentle and powerful. I have also experienced her Breathwork Sessions and find them to be equally as transformative. Her trauma informed background makes her a relatable, courageous leader.

Thank you Sarah for helping me listen to my heart and always holding me so near and dear. You are a light being. Thank you for shining so bright!
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Mary Treen
Mary Treen
16:15 20 Jul 20
Sarah is an absolute treasure!! Her reiki sessions and classes have been very transformative for me. She is such a fantastic teacher & practitioner! She is down to earth and incredibly talented. Look no further, if you are interested in learning about reiki, being an empath or psychic development.read more
Catherine McColl
Catherine McColl
03:06 16 Jul 20
I highly recommend Sarah Janzen – she is an amazing Reiki practitioner who helps both people and animals. She has helped my dog with an issue he had with his back and he is so much better now. Sarah is also an amazing teacher, and if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Reiki practitioner, talk to Sarah!read more
Mais St Thomas
Mais St Thomas
07:35 03 Mar 20
Loved the way Sarah took it slow and tuned into my boy Cypress’s needs. To night after treatment he was playful, sassy and full of humour. He was defiantly relaxed and more like him self. So grateful and joyous to have my boy back.read more
Sue Gita Armstrong
Sue Gita Armstrong
23:22 13 Feb 20
Sarah is one of the most amazing healers I know. I’ve been receiving treatments from her for a while now and I can’t say enough about how she is able to create a space which is both safe and supportive. The work that Sarah does is truly transformative. Her depth of knowledge, experience combined with humility are the perfect combination to go deep into difficult emotions, process them and let them go. Having a treatment with Sarah is like having a therapist and healer in one. Someone who has walked the path, walked through the fire and can support you through anything. There is nothing too scary or heavy for her to help you through, and in fact, she helps you realize that what you thought was scary wasn’t at all, it is just energy. When you realize this, the feeling of relief is like putting down a boulder. Sarah can help you through the most difficult of situations, to see not only the lessons inherent in them, but also to see your own strengths. She embodies the traits of a true healer; extremely compassion, patient, supportive and loving. I recommend her to anyone and everyone because she is so powerful.read more
Chrissy Sanjenko-Moore
Chrissy Sanjenko-Moore
18:30 24 Oct 19
Sarah, you give me hope that I can feel healthier and deal with everything in a better way. Thank you! you have a wonderful healing gift and I’m glad I met you.read more
Harp Dillman
Harp Dillman
13:14 22 Feb 19
I was in a difficult place in my life when I started doing readings with Sarah. I was dealing with depression and frustrated with things never seeming to work out for me. Her readings are absolutely life changing. Not only does she relay clear messages from your guides but explains in further detail what the messages mean and how to apply them to your life so you can achieve what you are striving for, waiting for etc. With Sarah’s guidance I have been able to grow, shed what wasn’t working for me and am now becoming the person that I am meant to be. I highly recommend doing a reading or several with Sarah!!read more
Charmaine Betcher
Charmaine Betcher
03:47 24 Mar 18
They say that a great reiki master uses their hands and unique healing abilities to instinctively hone in on the areas of the body that need healing. Nothing could be closer to the truth with Sarah. On our first visit Sarah instantly picked up on Rainier’s need for kidney flushing which was bang on as I knew he was battling environmental allergies. Since that first visit we have seen Sarah regularly for ongoing maintenance and I’m constantly amazed at her picking up on the same areas as I can identify but not heal. After each session Rainier comes home and goes into a very deep “healing” sleep within an hour. This is a sure sign that the Reiki session has assisted his body and set him up to be rejuvenated. I highly recommend Sarah for not just ailments but also for overall health-she is truly gifted.read more
Suzie Tikulin King
Suzie Tikulin King
19:36 26 Nov 17
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  • Janet M

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah for the first time this summer when I attended her Psychic Reiki class. It was a very powerful experience. The course was very well organized with lots of discussion and hands on experience included. I have since reviewed the in depth information package that Sarah gave us to use during the course and to take home which will be an invaluable resource. I felt very supported and able to discuss anything I wanted with Sarah and the group. The hands on experiences and Psychic Reiki that was done for me have changed my life. I highly recommend Sarah for any courses or treatments. I feel very lucky to know her.

    Janet M


  • Liz

    Sarah greeted me at the door with a big smile & fantastic energy then got right down to business. She wrote down my history and gave me feedback whilst consulting with her spirit helpers. The reiki she delivered was like no other — hands on with verbal feedback and conversation. We worked through my mental, physical and psychic blocks by cutting energetic chords that tied me to unhealthy relationships with people from my past. Sarah was also able to decipher how my current pain was tied to my fate in one of my past lifes. We concluded the session with an oracle card reading — a nice added bonus. Thank you, Sarah! You were able to help me sift through the wreckage of my past more quickly than years of psychotherapy. I’ll be back soon 🙂 – Liz

  • Kaylee P.

    I have done two reiki sessions with Sarah and I love them! Sarah is so wonderful to work with, she gets straight to the point, is caring, loving, and has provided me with so much. I highly recommend!!

    Kaylee P.


  • Danielle Hahn

    I was so impressed by Sarah’s training.  We hired her to help us with our puppy, who was having some obedience issues.  She offered us great advice for the potty training issues were were having with hi, and she also did an amazing job teaching us how to train him.  Sarah was amazing with our whole family, the kids loved her, we loved her, and so did the dog 🙂  We are now implementing everything she has taught us and it’s working out very well.  I highly recommend Sarah!

    Danielle Hahn


  • Mercedes H.

    Wow! Another great experience with Sarah. I had foot surgery on Tuesday, and was dealing with some intense pain which involved taking morphine to help with it. Sarah came and worked her magical reiki touch on my foot last night. She also did some smudging, essential oils, and let me borrow some healing crystals. I felt so zen and peaceful after she left. I had a restful night of sleep (instead of waking up every 2 hours to take pain meds), and I haven’t felt the need to take any strong pain medication since. My pain is noticeably better! Thank you so much Sarah!!

     Mercedes H.

  • Fran and Links

    Sarah was able to heal Links ( the cat) of skin issues that had been around for weeks. The vet didn’t know what the issue was or how to fix it. Reiki helped in one session!!!

    Fran and Links the cat

  • Lana and Cinder the cat.

    Awesome first time experience practicing reiki with Sarah! She invested all the time needed to complete a session with my cat cinder and myself as well. She is very open with her thoughts and concerns which made the environment comfortable for the both of us. After the session she gave us some genuine and well though out advice catered to our specific needs. Looking forward to the next time!

    Lana and Cinder the cat.